30 Free Printable Toy Story Coloring Pages (2023)

30 Free Printable Toy Story Coloring Pages (1)

Hello kids! Get ready for an exciting game time today. It's time to enjoy painting exercises and play with toys. We are here today with an amazing collection of Free Printable Toy Story Coloring Pages for you.

The first film in the Toy Story franchise was released in 1995 and was simply called Toy Story. It was the first feature film from Pixar Animation Studios and a seminal film in the world of animation.How was itthe first fully computer-animated feature film.

Toy Story tells the story of the adventures of toy boy Andy, led by cowboy Sheriff Woody and space action figure Buzz Lightyear, who watch as he grows up into and is abandoned by a college boy. Let's get into the world of toys with this collection of printable Toy Story coloring sheets.

30 Free Printable Toy Story Coloring Pages

  1. Grown up Andy hands over little Bonnie to Sheriff Woody:

This is where Toy Story 3, "Toy Story 3," ended with a grown Andy contemplating giving away his most prized toy, Sheriff Woody, when he went to college. Seeing how affectionate and loving little Bonnie was to her toys made him feel like she was the right person after him to take care of Woody. Make the most of your colors in this emotionally charged climax scene.

  1. Andy wants to play with Woody and Rex:

Always Andy's favorite toy, Sheriff Woody is a pull-up cowboy doll, shown here resting on the giant green Tyrannosaurus Rex toy. As soon as Andy gets home from school, he runs to Woody to play again. You have to do the same, right? I can't wait to start playing once school hours are over.

  1. Buster the dog is playing with toys:

First introduced as a name only at the end of Toy Story and first appearing in the sequel Toy Story 2, Buster is a lap dog that Andy received as a birthday present. Lucky for Woody and all the other toys, he's awesome.Dogand plays well with them and even helps Woody when he needs it. Print out this page and bring your happy colors to this happy reunion illustration.

  1. Buzz Lightyear - Die Space Ranger-Actionfigur:

When Buzz Lightyear first joined all of Andy's other toys, he caused a conflict with Woody, which was ignored by young Andy over the modern space toy action figure. However, something was wrong with Buzz. In fact, he considered himself a real Space Ranger and not just a toy. It would take him a long time to realize that he is incapable of going into space.

  1. Buzz Lightyear talks about Sheriff Woody and Toy Story:

The first warm encounter didn't last long as Andy preferred to play with his new modern toy and Woody felt ignored and envious. Buzz believes it's real and wants to go thereSpaceled to further arguments between the two in the first film "Toy Story".

  1. Woody starts dancing with the toys:

When Andy or someone else isn't around, all the toys come to life. At such a moment, Woody is seen having a good time showing off his dancing skills, walking across the stage with other small toys such as Hamm the toy piggy bank, among others. Print out this coloring page and add a touch of joy with your coloring skills.

  1. The Evil Emperor Zurg - Buzz' Archenemy:

The evil Emperor Zurg is a space villain that we hear about in the first film when Buzz Lightyear talks about being his nemesis. We see him in the sequel Toy Story 2 when a Zurg toy escaped from its box in Al's Toy Barn.

  1. Buzz and others set off to rescue Woody:

In the sequel, Al, the owner of Al's Toy Barn, robs Woody while trying to rescue an old broken penguin toy, Wheezy, from a flea market. Buzz and the others including Rex, Slinky the metal dog toy and Hamm the piggy bank are on their way to rescue Woody.

  1. Humming behind the thief's car:

When Buzz first saw Woody being taken away, he attempted to catch up with the thief by running after the car. However, it fails. While discussing this with the others, they eventually identify the burglar as Al McWhiggin and soon reach his home.

  1. Woody tries to save Wheezy:

When Woody came to light, found Wheezy and tried to save him from the flea market, he too became a potential target for buyers. Unfortunately for Woody, Al comes along and steals it.

  1. Jessie - The Cowgirl Doll:

When Woody is robbed and finds himself in Al's apartment, he learns about other toys being sold to Tokyo. He too was now on the list. Among them is Jessie, a cowgirl who is initially uninterested in joining Andy's toy gang if they are rescued, but eventually begins to love her company.

  1. Bo Peep - The Sweet Shepherdess:

Bo Peep is a cute and friendly shepherd toy from Andy's sister Molly's collection. Kind and considerate, she is Sheriff Woody's love interest. Print out this beautiful illustration of her and bring it to life with your painting skills.

  1. Lots-O'-Huggin' from Lotso hugging the bear:

In the third part of the franchise, Toy Story 3, we find out that some of Andy's toys ended up in a donation box meant for Sunnyside Daycare by mistake. Once there, they meet Lotso, a teddy bear who leads the toys in the daycare center. Woody's other toys and Andy later find out that he's more like a jail guard at a day care center.

  1. Potato head - detachable body part:

Mr. Potato Head, one of the main characters of the Toy Story series, is a potato-shaped doll. Very blunt to the point of being rude, Mr. Potato Head comes with detachable parts that he can control even if the parts get lost somewhere.

  1. Potato Head - The friendlier counterpart:

The Mrs. Potato Head character made her debut in the sequel Toy Story 2. Differing in personality from Mr. Potato Head, she is always sweet and friendly. Doesn't she look cute in this illustration? Print out this page and give it your beautiful colors.

  1. Rex – The Green Tyrannosaurus Rex:

Rex is adinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus Rex to be exact. It's big and green. As big as he is, he's often full of fear because he's not very scary. This powerful toy creature is sensitive by nature and has a strong aversion to conflict.

  1. Sheriff Woody leads the little snakes:

As the leader of Andy's toys, Sheriff Woody is often seen helping other toy animals as shown in this illustration. Here you'll find him guiding a group of toy snakes into their proper place.

  1. Slinky the Dog Toy and Woody:

Slinky is a toy dog ​​with a metal coil spring or slinky body and is very loyal to Woody. He has starred in all three films in the franchise, including being part of Woody's rescue team in Toy Story 2 and having to save himself in Toy Story 3.

  1. Slinky – the dog toy dachshund:

Slinky's metallic body is clearly visible in this illustration, which is why he was named that. Give some rewarding colors to this loyal and true friend of Woody's.

  1. Three-Eyed Alien and Mr. Potato Head:

The aliens are squeaky little three-eyed toys, and Andy is known for keeping them in the care of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads during their playtime in Toy Story 2. In this coloring page you can see one of the interactions between Mr. Potato Head and a three-eyed alien toy.

  1. Diana, Jessie and Woody:

Bullseye also starred in Toy Story 2 with Jessie the Cowgirl. Bullseye is a toy horse and unlike the other toys in the films, it cannot speak. Looks like these three just saw something interesting.

  1. Buzz, Woody and Jessie and Toy Story 3:

The third installment in the series, Toy Story 3, launched in 2010 and was the first animated feature film to gross more than $1 billion at the global box office. It seems these three, Buzz, Woody and Jessie, knew they would do well on this illustrative movie poster.

  1. Woody learns his story:

When Woody is stolen and ends up with Al, he discovers that he, along with the other toys, is based on an old TV doll series, "Woody's Roundup". You can see the shock and surprise in Woody's eyes in this illustration.

  1. Aliens or Little Green Monsters (LGMs):

Here's a closer look at one of the three squeaky three-eyed alien toys that became part of Andy's toy collection. The drawing of a ringed planet on his outfit may indicate that he is from a distant planet like Saturn, Neptune or Uranus. Print this quirky little alien and fill it with colors that are out of this world.

  1. Buzz, Woody and Jessie return home in Bullseye:

After all their adventures, the adventurous trio - Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody and Jessie - return home in the comfort of a toy horse, Bullseye. Shortly before that, Jessie and other toys that Woody met at Al's house were on their way to Tokyo.

  1. Woody leads a toy party with Mr. Mike's microphone:

Mr. Mike, a toy recorder, helps Woody take control of a toy party. He makes sure Woody can host the toy meetup by giving him the attached microphone to talk to.

  1. Woody rides Buster to save Wheezy:

Woody learns how Wheezy, the toy penguin, got up at a garage sale and can get help from Andy's dog, Buster. Oddly enough, Buster never follows orders given to him by Andy himself.

  1. Bullseye runs fast while Buzz is distracted by dragonflies:

When Woody, along with Buzz and Bullseye, hear about the possibility of the other "Woody's Roundup" toys being shipped to Tokyo, Japan, they rush to the airport as soon as possible. Here in this illustration you can see Buzz on Bullseye rushing to get there in time to save the others. As intense as the journey is, Buzz is overcome by his inquisitive nature when he is distracted by a couple of dragonflies flying overhead.

  1. Woody rescues Jessie from the plane to Tokyo:

After a frantic attempt to get to the airport in time before the plane departed for Tokyo, Japan, Woody, along with Buzz and Bullseye, manage to save Jennie and other toys. Look how happy and relieved Jennie looks as soon as she sees that Woody has come to her rescue.

  1. Woody with his horse Bullseye:

Happy to have successfully completed his mission and be able to stay with Woody after being stuck at Al's house for a long time, Bullseye jumps up and happily shows his affection for Woody. Print out this page and give lots of happy colors to this beautiful illustration.

With that in mind, we have now come to the end of today's collection of Toy Story printable coloring pages. You must have seen all three films in the Toy Story series by now. If you haven't, make sure you check them first.June2019. At this point, the newest film in the series, Toy Story 4, will be released worldwide, nine years after Toy Story 3, which was released in 2010. While they are waiting for an opportunity to see the world of Toy Story again, you can color the world with this interesting collection of Toy Story coloring pages to print.

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