The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (2023)

Camping is great fun and has many activities. And the best camping lighter is essential for outdoor (woods or backyard) lighting. It gives great performance to camping when done with the right and correct tools.

I bought ten camping lighters and fire starters to test and find the best ones based on 15 factors. I have found that it depends on the usage, refill capacity or shortage, size and weight of the lighters. It also depends on the material used.

I verified its functionality by focusing on ignition, fuel source, flame type, wind and water resistance, durability, warranty, and single or multi-purpose use. Also its type (butane or electric) depends on the needs that best suit the users.

I made a quick review to help people looking for the best camping lighters so you don't have to look for them. I discussed every detail; you watch it

Are you in a hurry? Here are my top 10 recommendations for the bestcamping lighters

Below are the top 3 best camping lighters:

Bild Products best forPreis
The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (1)Outdoor Zippo LightersOverall bestsee price
The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (2)Extremus Blaze 360 ​​waterproof lighterrechargeable electric camping lightersee price
The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (3)RONXS lightersbest backpack lightersee price

The best camping lighters in comparison

Below is a brief summary of the best camping lighters:

Outdoor Zippo LightersMessing2 ouncesbear landscapesee price
Mini BIC lighteraluminum and brass2,3 Grammsortedsee price
Pack of 2 Urgrette butane lightersaluminum, metal, copper5.1 ouncesblack+redsee price
Waterproof dual arc lighteracrylonitrile butadiene styrene, zinc3.2 ouncescamouflagesee price
Extremus Blaze 360 ​​waterproof lighterGummi3.84 ouncesE: Brown (without carabiner)see price
BIC multipurpose lighterMetal1 scalemulticoloredsee price
JiaDa electric lighterMetal3.5 ouncesThereforesee price
RONXS lightersZink0.634 ouncesThereforesee price
I will go to Samniusplastic, rubber, zinc80 Gramm
see price
MEIRUBY electric lighterrubber and metal2.08 ouncesThereforesee price

List of the best camping lighters 2023

Below is the list of the best camping lighters.

  1. Best Overall: Zippo Outdoor Lighters
  2. Camping Safe Lighter: Mini Bic Lighter
  3. Best Camping Torch Lighter: Urgrette Butane Lighter Two Pack
  4. Best Waterproof Camping Lighter: Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter
  5. Best Rechargeable Electric Camping Lighter: Extremus Blaze 360 ​​Waterproof Lighter
  6. Best Camping Butane Lighter: BIC All-Purpose Lighter
  7. Best Camping Plasma Lighter: JiaDa Electric Lighter
  8. Best backpack lighter: RONXS lighters
  9. Best Survival Lighter: Samniu Torch Lighter
  10. Best campfire lighter: MEIRUBY electric lighter

Detailed test of the best camping lighters January 2023

Below is an in-depth review of the best outdoor camping lighters.

FEMALE 1Best Overall: Zippo Outdoor Lighters

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (4)

  • Marke: Zippo
  • Kor: 540 colors Bear landscape
  • Material: Messing
  • item weight: 2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.5" L x 0.5" W x 2.25" Height

Cheap lighters are available, but few are reliable under certain conditions. The BIC mini will not work properly in windy conditions and its flame will quickly go out. So if you want a windproof lighter, check out the Zippo outdoor lighters, which will never let you down and whose flame lasts longer and won't go out even in a strong gust of wind.

Zippo is also notable for containing a specific clicking sound that quickly draws the attention of others and makes it unique in a good way.


It is a body of pure metal. The exterior of Zippo lighters is made from brass rollers before being chrome plated. And the inner part of the lighter is made of steel, so brass, flint, flame and cotton are also increased to complete the craft.

easy guy

The Zippo lighter uses a jet of butane gas. It has a separate insert and can be used alone without a case. The flame is even and cannot go out even in the strongest winds. It's windproof. Your flame will refocus as needed.

Easy to use

It's easy to use. And its renowned brand and usage are very remarkable.

Windproof or waterproof

Zippo is windproof up to 80 miles per hour. Its foil design makes the flame unquenchable even in a gust of wind. It can withstand light fog or haze, but not water.

ignition type

The piezoelectric uses a spring-loaded hammer to create an electrical charge by striking the piezoelectric crystal in a lighter.

What I do not like

These Zippo lighters are one of many solutions. The lighter does not work in extreme conditions or when it is cold. Butane jet pouches can be used alone but always require a zippo case. The butane reservoir is relatively small, providing only 50 10 second lights between seals (fills)

In summary

If you're looking for a lighter you can rely on for your outdoor activities, choose the Zippo. Its metal body and distinctive design will never let you down. It has a wide range of stylish designs and variety to determine what is best for your personality.

no 2Camping Safe Lighter: Mini Bic Lighter

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (5)

  • Marke: BIC
  • Kor: Changeable
  • item weight: 2,3 Gramm
  • Dimensions: 2,28" L x 1,28" L x 0,22" Dicke

As the name suggests, Bic mini lighters are small and easy to carry. These are safe, reliable and inexpensive. This camping lighter is manufactured with the greatest care and has passed many automatic quality controls. One of the benefits of this lighter is the guarantee that your child is safe around the fire due to its childproof technology.


For the production of wire, BIC processes ferrous material (metals) with high-carbon steel, and its blades are made of stainless steel. To make the lighter tips, the company uses aluminum and brass. The gas is odorless and colorless.

easy guy

There is a small gas lighter that uses isobutane fuel. It covers about 3000 lights in a single lighter. They are flame retardant and safe.

Easy to use

BIC is sophisticated because of its ease of use.

Windproof or waterproof

BIC lighters are waterproof. I used the immersion test which improved quickly after a 1 minute break. But BIC is not suitable for windy areas.

ignition type

The lighter starts to burn when it hits a flame with a rotating wheel and a low button.

What I do not like

These lighters are extra small and sometimes cause burns as they are difficult to hold and light. The lighter may also not work in wind; even a light breeze will affect operation. The liquid is also insufficient or expires due to improper packaging.

In summary

BIC mini lighters are suitable for people looking for cheap and practical lighters. However, if you are looking for high efficiency and long-lasting use, you should look for other alternatives. The charging function is only available on some models due to its low cost; often aimed at the low-income classes.

It includes fifty different quality checks that they carry out before final disposal. Childproof technology adds more value to it.

Nr. 3.Best Camping Torch Lighter: Butane Light Two Pack Urgrette

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (6)

  • Marke: Forgiveness
  • Kor: black+red
  • Material: aluminum, metal, copper
  • Style: torch
  • type of fuel: LPG

If you are looking for a lighter of the highest quality, then look no further than the Urgrette butane lighter. This lighter is easy to carry and serves a variety of uses, e.g. B. to illuminate a dark place or to repair, and its focused light also helps in jewelry making.

This lighter is manufactured in a high-tech environment using high quality materials. It is very durable and will last longer than other butane lighters.

The torch effect makes you comfortable by adjusting the torch flame size as you need. It is also relatively safe due to its built-in safeguards that prevent unplanned ignition. The stylish and safe 6 inch long neck design of this lighter helps users to protect their hands from burns.


This lighter has a beautiful design with a full metal body, namely aluminum alloy and surface plating method. The nozzle is made of copper and produces a steady, continuous flame of approximately 2.8 inches. This lighter is safer and more durable because of its 3-layer safety and high temperature resistance.

easy guy

The lighter uses liquefied petroleum gas (butane gas) which is clearly visible to users.

Easy to use

It's easy to use. Extremely affordable and get started with a smooth push of a button. A gas window is also visible.

Windproof or waterproof

The butane torch lighter may not work well in a windy situation, but it is waterproof.

ignition type

It uses a piezo ignition. A hammer strikes a PE (QUARTZ) crystal and the butane gas ignites showing a steady flame.

What I do not like

I experienced two downsides. The consumption of a butane gas is much higher than the individual cost. Normally, lighters have problems with leakage. Sometimes the flame can not go out, so it is only suitable for DIY.

In summary

If you are looking for a lighter, the Urgrette would be a good choice. It is workable in many tasks from minor to major. It is a safe and durable choice among lighters.

Number 4.Best Waterproof Camping Lighter: Waterproof Dual Arc Lighter

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (7)

  • Marke: LcFun
  • Kor: camouflage
  • Material: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, zinc
  • Style: Electric
  • type of fuel: Electric
  • Dimensions: 2.7" L x 1.87" W x 0.47" Height

If you are planning a trip with more exposure to water or an outdoor location with wet and humid weather, a waterproof double arc lighter is a good choice.

Its body consists of a metal ring and a locking mechanism that protects your mini gadget from the rain. A perfect solution for camping, hiking, etc. This lighter is easy to maneuver due to its USB charging capability - no hassles charging as its dual arc design helps keep the flame steady for longer.


The waterproof dual-arc lighter contains acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and zinc alloy. A USB charging cable is available in case the battery runs out. The battery is made of lithium polymer.

easy guy

There are electric lighters: flameless, rechargeable and gas. The built-in Li-ion battery replaces the need for gas or fuel. Easily rechargeable via a USB cable.

Easy to use

A waterproof double arc lighter is a refillable, recyclable and environmentally friendly lighter. It is easy to use and also flameless and windproof.

Windproof or waterproof

This lighter is very cheap in the rainy season. Its metal body and locking nature protect it from water. It is waterproof as the name suggests. It's flameless, which is why it's also windproof. It works by electric charge.

ignition type

Relatively easy to start via a simple push button mechanism, the blue indicator will illuminate when in use. Provides 10 second timeout functional security.

What I do not like

It sure didn't take long. Sometimes the battery was not fully charged. Start button gets hot after 2-3 tries. It's also expensive.

In summary

It's good in many ways, easy to carry, safe, durable, wind and waterproof which makes it more desirable to me. In addition, USB charging and flameless function add value. So if you want to save time and spend carefree time on your outdoor tours, reach for a waterproof double arc lighter.

Number 5.Best Rechargeable Electric Camping Lighter: Extremus Blaze 360 ​​Waterproof Lighter

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (8)

  • Marke: The last
  • Kor: E: Brown (Without carabiner)
  • Material: Gummi
  • Style: rechargeable
  • type of fuel: Electric
  • Dimensions: 2.7" L x 1.9" W x 0.7" Height

This small and slim extreme Blaze 360 ​​waterproof works unexpectedly in adverse weather conditions. It has an additional LED light function, which is better in dark places. You can use this lighter for fishing, camping, hiking and many other tasks.

It is flameless, so it works even in windy weather. Easy to charge via the USB port. It's a survival lighter and will ignite a fire in an emergency due to its paracord cord.


Extremus blaze 360 ​​is made of rubber yet strong enough to withstand extreme water and wind conditions. The whole body is intact. There is a lock cover to prevent water ingress. There is an additional paracord lanyard and whistle for survival situations. Good to use.

easy guy

These are flameless, rechargeable, multipurpose electric lighters.

Easy to use

There are no problems with using these lighters as they work in extreme conditions. Its additional features like LED lights and rubber body make it more desirable.

Wind and waterproof

The name Extreme in its name means that it manufactures for extreme conditions. It has a fully windproof arc. It boasts an impressive IPX7 waterproof rating and a rugged body with a hidden lid. It is waterproof and windproof.

ignition type

These lighters have a piezoelectric ignition. It is suitable for up to 300 ignitions per charge.

What I do not like

There is no extension at the neck, so it is not suitableCampingkocherecandles, and also its arc is not as variable as the combustion flame.

In summary

If you are looking for a life-saving, versatile, flameless, dependable auxiliary lighter, choose the Extremus Blaze 360 ​​Waterproof Lighter. It fulfills you in time for every need and is best suited for extreme weather conditions.

Number 6.Best Camping Butane Lighter: BIC All-Purpose Lighter

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (9)

  • Marke: BIC
  • Kor: Multicolored
  • Material: Metal
  • Style: classic
  • item weight: 1 scale
  • Dimensions:13.5" L x 1" W x 11" Height

If you are looking for a variable and practical lighter, choose this BIC multi-purpose lighter. It's economical, affordable and stylish. These are made in different colors for people's attraction.

It is widely used in homes and also for outdoor recreation. For lighting cigarettes, cigars, grills and candles. Its long neck design quickly accesses otherwise inaccessible spots and features child-safe technology. It is made of high quality material.


BIC uses a small amount of steel in its lighters. Typically, the metals used in the BIC are aluminum and brass. BIC lighters also include flexible sticks and straight sticks.

easy guy

BIC uses butane in its lighters. Butane is a fuel consumed by petroleum.

Easy to use

BIC lighters are the easiest to use. No harm is done to children either. Its child-resistant power adapter and long neck contribute to more convenient use.

Windproof or waterproof

BIC lighters are often affected by wind and water. These are slightly water and wind resistant.

ignition type

Lighting the BIC lighter is easy. Simply roll your thumb onto the metal wheel and hold the button to release the gas, creating a spark and igniting the flame.

What I do not like

BIC lighters only work well under extreme conditions. Your packaging must be better. You need to determine how much gas is left. Gas leakage problems have also occurred among consumers of BIC lighters.

In summary

These small, practical, safe, child resistant and assorted multipurpose lighters are a great choice for users on a budget. Its cost is relatively low. Works perfectly under normal conditions. Safe for hard-to-reach places thanks to long neck. Gas is not refilled because of its cheap nature.

Nr. 7.Best Camping Plasma Lighter: JiaDa Electric Lighter

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (10)

  • Marke:JIADA
  • Material: Metal
  • Style: Electric
  • item weight: 3.5 ounces
  • type of fuel: Electric

JiaDa electric lighter is technologically advanced and ensures multiple protection safety to protect you and an electric lighter. The new JiaDa lighter models have an LED battery indicator to let you know the remaining charge.

Because of the USB light, it is functional in any situation. Its posable long neck design can quickly move in 360 degree angle. It is practical and portable. It is USB rechargeable and is a one-stop solution for all your needs. It also has an extra storage bag to help you on the go. It is an eco-friendly lighter that consumes arc-plasma discharge to ignite.


It is made of high-tech aluminum alloy that offers waterproof efficiency. The lighter also has a built-in lithium battery for proper use.

easy guy

It is a rechargeable electric lighter that uses plasma discharge. The lighter type is elegant and electric.

Easy to use

After following the instructions for use, you will understand the operation. You don't have to run for gas or fill up the tank; It's all in one - it prevents your device from getting damaged and costing you more money.

Windproof or waterproof

The JiaDa lighter is purely waterproof due to its metal body and IPX7 water resistance rating, which will not cause any problems even in heavy rain. And it's also wind resistant due to its electric nature.

ignition type

It uses arc ignition technology that protects the lighter from high and low voltage. He uses plasma to ignite the lighter. Jiada has a four-hole ignition design.

What I do not like

It is not as easy for people to understand as it is for others. The battery needs to be refreshed from time to time. Expensive to buy.

In summary

What are you waiting for if you want an eco-friendly and highly waterproof lighter? Go and choose your JiaDa lighter.

Nr. 8.Best backpack lighter: RONXS lighters

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (11)

  • Marke: RONXS
  • Kor: For this
  • Material: Zink
  • Style: torch
  • type of fuel: LPG
  • Dimensions: 3.1" L x 0.95" W x 0.8" Height

The lighter has three jet flames making it desirable in windy conditions. RONXS lighters also have the ability to ignite cigars compared to other single or double flame lighters, and the lighter also has adjustable flame length and size according to user's needs.

There is also a dial on the bottom of the lighter. There is also a visible fuel tank and refueling is also available. These small lighters will help you with multi-purpose. And you can also gift your friends and family.


The outer body is made of plastic material with anti-leak design and zinc alloy mold. It went through three layers of protection. It also has 20 inspection quality checks. Safer and more durable.

easy guy

These areButane Refill Lighters. It uses LPG and a visible petroleum tank.

Easy to use

It's easy to use. But expensive for many.

Windproof or waterproof

It is windproof because three jet flames make it very user-friendly. It's also waterproof to some extent due to its plastic body.

ignition type

This lighter is considered an automatic ignitor; Pressing the button lights it up. And the flame is relatively continuous and intense because there is no wind distortion and three jet flames.

What I do not like

It is not easy to refill the gas; Filling up makes you less desirable. There is no locking mechanism. It was expensive.

In summary

If you're looking for a windproof lighter and cigar lighter, get this; maybe you can find it here. The lightweight design is also desirable as it is a plastic body.

Nr. 9.Best Survival Lighter: Samniu Torch Lighter

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (12)

  • Marke: Samnius
  • Kor: Sn11-cam
  • Material: plastic, rubber, zinc
  • Style: torch
  • item weight: 80 Gramm
  • type of fuel: LPG

The Samniu lighter is made of high quality material and contains butane gas, which can also be refilled if necessary. There is an outer cover to protect your body from scratches. It also has an LED light to illuminate dark rooms. It is durable and practical to use - lighter, waterproof and windproof to quickly deal with wild places.

There is a dial to adjust the flame intensity. An additional lanyard and storage unit are also provided with the lighter for your convenience.


The body of this lighter is made of high quality plastic and zinc alloy material. It's a butane gas lighter. There's a rubber buckle that makes it easy to seal the lid, and there's also a built-in rubber ring that makes it easier to use in extreme weather conditions.

easy guy

It is a butane gas lighter that can be refilled quickly. its powerful high-pressure jet, blue flame lighter.

Easy to use

It's easy to use. Besides, it comes with an extra lanyard and storage bag for convenience and hassle-free experience.

Wind and waterproof

The intense flame of the high temperature jet makes it windproof. You can use it in any weather. Its plastic and rubber body helps in wet conditions. Very desirable for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions.

ignition type

It is a blue torch lighter with concentrated flame by light pressure. There is a safety lock that controls explosions due to gas pressure.

What I do not like

Reload problems are there. Sometimes the refills deviate from the requirement. It costs a lot compared to other refillable lighters.

In summary

If you are looking for reliable and safe gas lighters, choose Samniu lighters. These are convenient to use and provide additional benefits.

Nr. 10.Best campfire lighter: MEIRUBY electric lighter

The 10 Best Camping Lighters in 2023 | Tested and verified (13)

  • Marke: MEIRUBY
  • Kor: For this
  • Style: Electric
  • type of fuel: Electric
  • Dimensions: 7.48" L x 0.59" W x 0.59" Height

If you are looking for a windproof, waterproof, flexible neck electric lighter, then the Meiruby Arc Electric Lighter should be your choice. It is better to use it in hot and cold weather. It is specially designed to be waterproof and windproof.

Its unique full rotation (360°) feature offers greater comfort thanks to its articulated neck. It manufactures high-quality materials that help it withstand all conditions. It also has a built-in LED light, a nice ergonomic design and is very practical and reliable. These are high-tech lighters.


It is a rechargeable electric lighter with high-tech design and safety for your family. There's an updated chip, and a long swivel neck is a plus.

Easy to use

It's easy to use with just one tap.

easy guy

It is an electric lighter with a USB port and a built-in LED light. It also has chip and open circuit protection.

Wind and waterproof

It is windproof, waterproof and splashproof. It has a flameless ignition.

ignition type

It's an arc lighter. Lights up by pressing a small button.

What I do not like

A big issue with battery life. The battery drained efficiently. It usually requires work to approach the wick. You need to position the lighter for the wick in the center. Otherwise it is useless. It's okay to just light candles. It is flameless, but the charge only lasts a few minutes, so it would be difficult to shoot in the woods. It also has a high-pitched tone that is only comfortable for some people.

In summary

This is the perfect solution if you are looking for a stylish, practical, flameless twist neck electric lighter. Suitable for everyday wear and outdoor use

Final Thoughts: Best Lighters for Camping

This article is all about the best camping lighters based on many desirable factors that make the buying decision. I've used a few of these and got expert advice for the review. This article will help you on your next outdoor adventure.

FAQ: Best Camping Lighters

Below are frequently asked questions about the best lighter for camping.

1. How to increase the flame?

Responder:Many lighters usually have a flame adjustment feature to suit the user and underlying needs. The flame can be high or low in size and intensity. There is a dial or knob that you can use to increase or decrease the flame.

2.Which brand offers the best lighter?

Responder:Many brands compete in the lighter industry. But the most demanding and accessible brands are BIC, ZIPPO and Clipper.

3.What is the most reliable lighter?

Responder:The answer to this question depends on the underlying needs. Many lighter brands offer the same features. So it also depends on the external environment. Suppose you go on a rainy adventure. Then choose a waterproof lighter.

4. What do you think of the best windproof lighter?

Responder:The best windproof lighters are flameless electric lighters.

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