Why aren't pilots' EKGs more normal? (2023)

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Why aren't pilots' EKGs more normal? (1)

History overview

  • On October 24, 2022, the FAA changed the EKG requirements that pilots need to fly — but not to make them safer.
  • With no public announcement or explanation, the agency expanded the allowable range for PR, a measure of heart function.
  • The expansion of this parameter means that people with possible heart damage can now fly on commercial aircraft, potentially putting passengers at risk if they suffer a heart attack or other event in the air.
  • There is evidence that pilots' deteriorating heart health is due to the adverse effects of COVID-19 injections
  • An estimated 20% of the pilots examined may have sustained heart damage from COVID-19 injections, and the FAA may have been forced to expand EKG parameters to allow pilots to continue flying.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires first class pilots to have an electrocardiogram (ECG) at age 35 and annually after age 40.1Electrocardiograms record the heart's electrical activity to provide a measure of heart health, and certain parameters must be met for pilots to be considered fit to fly.

On October 24, 2022, the FAA changed the EKG requirements that pilots need to fly — but not to make them safer. With no public announcement or explanation, the agency expanded the allowable range for the PR interval, a measure of heart function.2

The expansion of this parameter means that those with possible heart damage, illness or injury can now fly on commercial aircraft, potentially putting passengers at risk if they suffer a heart attack or other event mid-air. Why would the FAA take such a drastic and risky step without informing the public?

COVID gunfire may have damaged pilots' hearts

On an electrocardiogram, a normal PR interval measures 0.12 to 0.2 seconds.3If the PR interval is shorter or longer, this could indicate a problem. According to Steve Kirsch, executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, the FAA has expanded the acceptable ECG parameters from a maximum PR of 0.2 to 0.3 and possibly even higher. He says:4

"They haven't extended the range one bit. They have expanded greatly. This happened after the introduction of the vaccine. This is extraordinary. They did this in the hope that no one would notice. It worked for a while. Nobody took it. But you can't hide these things for long. This is a tacit admission by the US government that the COVID vaccine has damaged the hearts of our pilots. Not just a few riders. Lots of drivers and lots of damage.”

Kirsch gives five reasons why he's confident these elevated parameters were necessary given the widespread heart damage that pilots - and the US public - have suffered from the COVID-19 injections. According to Kirsch:5

"I think it's because they knew that if they kept the original range, a lot of pilots would have to be grounded. That would be extremely tedious; Commercial aviation in the United States would be severely hampered. And why did they do it quietly without notifying the public or mainstream media?

I'm sure they won't tell me, so I'll speculate: because they didn't want anyone to know. In other words, the COVID vaccine has seriously injured many pilots, and the FAA knows this and hasn't said anything because it would warn the country that the vaccines aren't safe. And you're not allowed to do that.

Five clues that COVID shots are likely to blame

Five factors suggest pilots' deteriorating heart health is due to COVID-19 vaccinations, not COVID-19. As noted by Kirsch, they include:6

  1. Changing the ECG parameters was done in the background. "If it was COVID, you can be public. But the vaccine has to be safe.”
  2. The timing of the change is October 2022, which is later than if COVID-19 were to blame. "If it had been because of COVID, it would have happened much sooner. You can make changes every month.”
  3. Common Injuries. "The vaccine does much more damage to the heart than COVID does." For example, an Israeli study of adults who did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine but did receive COVID-19 found that the infection was not associated with myocarditis or pericarditis .7
  4. Anecdotal reports from cardiologists of damage to the heart began after the gunshot.
  5. Many sudden deaths were reported after the shooting.

Kirsch estimates that 20% of the pilots examined may have suffered heart damage from COVID-19 injections, based on an upcoming study to be published in The Epoch Times. A study from Thailand also found "cardiovascular manifestations" including rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), palpitations and myopericarditis in 29.24% of adolescents who received a COVID-19 mRNA injection.8

"But children are resilient, so a 30% injury rate in children means a higher rate in adults," says Kirsch, adding:9

"In short, the most logical conclusion is that the FAA knows that the hearts of our country's pilots have been broken by the COVID vaccine they have been forced to take, the number of pilots affected is enormous, the heart damage is extensive and the Passenger safety is compromised as standards are lowered to allow pilots to fly.

The FAA would be right if they came clean and admitted to the American public that the COVID vaccine injured 20% or more of pilots (based on their limited EKG screening), but I doubt they will.

Why aren't pilots' EKGs more normal? (2)

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Pilot suffers a heart attack after being shot

In May 2022, The Epoch Times reported on the case of Robert Snow, an American Airlines pilot with 31 years of commercial flying experience and seven years as a US Air Force pilot.10Snow doesn't have heart disease, but he went into cardiac arrest about six minutes after landing on a plane flying from Denver to Dallas Fort Worth.

According to the news agency, "He believes his cardiac arrest was related to the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, which he had to take on November 4, 2021 to keep his job, even though he already has natural immunity to a previous infection with the virus had. . And he's not the only one with those suspicions. Snow told The Epoch Times:11

“I just want to say that there are other drivers out there who had concerns, not just drivers, also because it was an employee order. So we have flight attendants, mechanics, dispatchers, freight forwarders, etc.

Of course, we consider it a safety-sensitive task for pilots, so we are a bit more concerned from a flight safety perspective; But yes I have had calls from other drivers and other communications saying they have concerns but due to the nature of the matter they are afraid to speak up.

The doctor. Peter McCullough is a cardiologist, internist and epidemiologist and the Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company.12He is one of the most published cardiologists in America, with more than 1,000 publications and 660 citations in the National Library of Medicine, and has received the American College of Cardiology's Simon Dack Award and the International Vicenza Award in Critical Care Nephrology for his community and search .

He told the Epoch Times that there was "no other explanation" for Snow's cardiac arrest. “The MRI pattern is consistent. In fact, it could have been vaccine-induced myocarditis..."13

McCullough also spoke with Joshua Yoder, a commercial pilot and co-founder of the US Freedom Flyers, formed to help pilots and other transportation industry officials oppose federal launch mandates.

Yoder's group received hundreds of reports from pilots suffering from side effects from the COVID-19 injections, including chest pain, myocarditis and pericarditis. McCullough told Yoder that if all pilots given a COVID-19 vaccine received health screening, about 30% would fail due to gunshot wounds.14

Doctors are asking the FAA to flag pilots who received COVID vaccines

McCullough along with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, Robert Kennedy Jr. and others, sent a letter to the FAA on December 15, 2021, urging the agency to medically tag all pilots who have received a COVID-19 vaccination and subject them to a full medical exam within four weeks , which includes:15

  • D-dimer tests to check for blood clotting problems
  • Troponin tests to check your blood for troponin, a protein released when the heart muscle has been damaged
  • Electrocardiogram analysis to review electrical signals that determine heart health
  • magnetic resonance of the heart
  • PULS test to determine heart health

Adding a cardiac MRI to pilots' screening is "crucial," the letter said, explaining:16

“A recent study showed that using only ECG [EKG] results and symptoms to screen patients resulted in a 7.4 under-diagnosis of true myocarditis, while the PULS test is also critical, given a published Study... showed that "MRNA vaccines dramatically increase COVID... inflammatory markers" and that the risk of acute coronary syndrome in those vaccinated more than doubled...

...leading the authors to conclude that "COVID-19 mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation...in endothelial and T-cell infiltration of the myocardium and observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events could explain after vaccination.

Will the US Federal Air Surgeon investigate?

On January 21, 2023, Kirsch spoke with FAA Federal Aviation Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup. She said she knew of Snow's case, but no one from the FAA had attempted to investigate the near-tragedy. Kirsch also emailed Northrup the names and contact information of several pilots who were injured by gunfire. In addition, he remarked:17

"More importantly, in that email I also invited them to host a public roundtable at the FAA and invite people from both sides of the 'safe and effective' narrative so the FAA can uncover the truth." I just spoke to Senator Ron Johnson and I can assure you that he would be happy to help you set up a roundtable with physicians from both sides to brief key FAA officials on the risks of these vaccines.

And I've offered to release your revised statement to the public so we can get the truth out that vaccines are NOT safe and are handicapping pilots. Here's the kick. Corruption in the FAA runs deep. Did you know nobody's name is Bob Snow in the FAA? How can the FAA investigate this incident without speaking to the pilot?”

At this point, Northrup was duly apprised of the very real potential that COVID-19 gunfire could make flying unsafe for impaled pilots. But then again, she was probably already aware. Her husband John Hyle, a pilot, refused the stab for safety reasons. However, it remains to be seen whether an actual investigation will take place. Cherry added:18

"So it's not just some 'anti-vaccination' people spreading 'misinformation'. Susan clearly sees that smart people, whom she clearly respects, have valid concerns that lead them to reject the vaccine. The narrative falls apart.

We need public transparency on all of the above. And we need it now, before lives are lost. We had a few brief conversations. The FAA must be proactive in this regard, not REACTIVE after an accident has occurred. What do you think will happen next?"

The FAA broke its own rule by allowing pilots to fly after COVID shots

In its Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, the FAA states that flight medics may not issue medical certificates to pilots who were less than 12 months old from the U.S. Have taken medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration:19

“The FAA generally requires at least one year of post-market experience with a new drug before it is considered for aero-medical certification purposes. This observation period allows unusual but aeromedically significant impairments to manifest.”

Now the FAA claims pilots can return to flying just 48 hours after receiving a COVID-19 shot.20Leigh Dundas, an attorney who was the lead author of the FAA letter, told The Epoch Times:21

“The Federal Aviation Administration is charged with ensuring the safety of the flying public. As we speak, the FAA and commercial airlines are more likely to be acting in violation of their own federal aviation regulations and related policies, which direct coroners NOT to issue medical certificates to pilots using non-FDA approved products.

... The title of the section I speak of literally reads "Do Not Issue - Do Not Fly" and then directs coroners to "not" issue medical certificates to pilots using products the FDA "approved less than 12 months ago." ...

Pilots fly with products that have not even been recently approved - contrary to the wording above - they fly with injections into their bodies that have NEVER been FDA approved (since no commercially available COVID vaccines have received FDA approval in the US ).

It's not just pilots whose hearts are broken.

While the impact of commercial airline pilots flying with gunshot heart damage raises significant safety concerns, it's not just pilots who are affected. Anyone who has received a COVID-19 injection could face similar risks. As Kirsch noted:22

“Assuming a more conservative 20% injury rate, we see 50 million Americans with heart damage from vaccination. As more studies are conducted, it becomes clearer why so many people die suddenly, especially children. It will also explain why care homes have lost up to 33% of their residents in 12 months, when previously they only lost 1 or 2% a year.

... Confidence in the CDC and the medical community will hit rock bottom after the extent of the damage caused by these vaccines is revealed. The fact that... the FAA has quietly changed their EKG guidelines should at least open you up to the possibility that I might be right. This narrative will fall apart at an accelerated pace.”

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Why aren't pilots' EKGs more normal? (4)

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